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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of Frequently asked questions. If you can not find the answer you are looking for please email us at enquiries@britishparks.com

There are several solutions.
Firstly search for your park in our directory, it may already exist. If it does click on the link that says “Claim Now!”
Usually located below the map. Follow the instructions for setting up your account and the type of listing you require.

If it does not show up in the results then click on the “Add Listing” button, select an option and then follow the instructions.
The Annual package is the best value as you get 2 FREE Months each year.

In this instance firstly double check the address and contact details on the listing to ensure it is your park. Sometimes parks have the same names in different locations.
If you are sure it is your park, check with staff from your site  to see if it has already been claimed.
If you can not locate the person who claimed it then simply email us at enquiries@britishparks.com and we will assist you in getting control of your park.

Click on the “Add Listing” button.
Choose “Exclusive” from the options. You will see a list of categories appear.
Locate the “Parks for Sale” option.
When you click on it the package for selling a park will appear. Click on Continue and follow the instructions.

You can add as many listings as you require. FOR SALE listings are charged individually. 

Click on “Add Listing”
Click on “Exclusive”
Browse to “Homes / Lodges / Caravans for sale”

Select the package then follow the instructions.
You may add more than one listing but they are charged individually.

Once you are the owner of a listing you can sign in to your account and amend the listing as often as you like.

You could even update it to promote events on your park, add video or share news.

Recurring billing is, as its name implies, a billing cycle that will take place automatically after the set amount of days for your listing expires.
So the annual plan will be charged again after 365 days.

Every site that signs up for an annual listing will get a FREE digital marketing campaign on Facebook.
These will be full Facebook adverts that specifically promote YOUR PARK. 
This GUARANTEES people will see your park!